“Walking across the sloping prairie at the age of four or five, I became increasingly aware of a living presence beneath my feet and all around me. Before long I was on my belly, with several ancient pebbles just inches from my face. I gazed at them with fascination and heard them speak quite clearly what was to become the core of my spirituality: ‘God,’ they said, ‘is the heart of all that is.’” Robert Lentz

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THE APACHE CHRIST - Christian history has frequently been a history of ideals betrayed.  Jesus once asked what would happen if salt were to lose its flavor.  In like manner, after 1600 years of fascination with Caesar’s wealth and power, it is often easier to find Jesus outside Christian churches and cultures.  Claiming to follow the compassionate Christ, Christians...... Read more »
Featured Icons – Apache Christ - The icon of the Apache Christ is an effort to heal wounds Christian missionaries have inflicted on native people in the past.  In 1870, President Grant inaugurated his “Peace Policy” for Native American tribes.  Because the Indian Service had become so corrupt in handling reservation affairs, the government would now turn every reservation over to...... Read more »
ST. FRANCIS AND THE SULTAN - Fire and light are the central imagery in Brother Robert’s icon of St. Francis and the Sultan.  Even the orange background of the icon serves to highlight the flames that surround the two men.  There is no way to understand his icon apart from these flames. Flames for most Christians speak of punishment in hell. ...... Read more »