Robert is a lifelong student and learner, but certain moments in his life resonate as particularly edifying. In 1980, Robert was sent to Chile to work in a Russian Orthodox orphanage in Santiago. The hope was that he would become a priest for the orphanage and the nuns who lived with the orphans. Instead, Robert… Read more »

In the video Robert’s Politics, Robert theorizes that one cannot fully be a Christian without being political. The idea that Christianity and politics are intertwined is consistent in both his work and in his faith. Robert’s icons showcase a dichotomy of religious and secular figures; holy people whose political impact on their world promoted Gospel… Read more »

Robert believes that Christianity and politics are inextricably entwined. He has been accused of trying to push a political agenda with his work, however Robert maintains that Christianity has always been political and, in fact, one cannot be a Christian without being political. From choosing to follow or challenge the status quo to fighting for… Read more »

Robert Lentz is a painter of Byzantine icons. He is a Franciscan Friar, a scholar of Christian history and theology, and an advocate for those living on the margins of traditional religious institutions. An artist with a kind, caring and hopeful outlook on God’s message, Robert lives a life full of inspiration that has shaped… Read more »