Featured Icons – Christ of the Desert

Traditional icons of Christ show him through a Russian or Greek lens.   Br. Robert created this icon of Christ for Eastern churches that use Aramaic, a Semitic language Christ spoke himself.   Like every true icon, it combines both high and low Christology.  By returning to the Semitic roots of the Gospels, however, it encourages people… Read more »


Throughout the Jewish Scriptures, but especially in the Book of Hosea, God’s people are called his Bride. The word appears again in the writings of St. Paul and St. John the Evangelist. The authors of Christian Scriptures also began using a word we now translate as “Church,” but which in their day referred to loosely… Read more »

Featured Icons – St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena stands out among other canonized women because she successfully navigated the turbulent waters of Church politics in an age when respectable women stayed within the walls of their homes or convents. She refused to marry a man her parents had chosen and cut off her hair to settle the issue. Rather… Read more »


During his lifetime and in the years after his death, the world referred to John XXIII as “the good Pope John.” After half a century new generations who never experienced his warmth and love now remember him mostly as the pope who convened the Second Vatican Council. While some blame him for destroying what they… Read more »

Featured Icons – St. John XXIII of Rome

At the heart of the Franciscan movement are the Gospels, a challenge to live the Gospels as honestly and simply as possible. So seldom do people live this way that when they do the world takes special note. Pope John XXIII lived the Gospels. When he was elected pope he helped bring new life to… Read more »


At the heart of the Christian message is an invitation to share in the life of the Trinity. “God became man,” said St. Athanasius of Alexandria, “so that man might become God.” All of Christian life is meant to lead us to this goal. The Greek Fathers called it theosis or deification. It means overcoming… Read more »

Featured Icons – Cesar Chavez

Many modern saints have lived at the margins of society. Their lives and their work have inspired countless others who choose, like them, to sacrifice power and wealth in order to do work they believe needs to be done. While iconographers earn their daily bread like anyone else, their work is also a ministry that… Read more »


We live in an age caught between two cultures. Christendom died a number of years ago. What new culture will emerge remains to be seen, but the way is closed to the past. While some modern leaders are trying to bring the past back, the Holy Spirit is raising up new prophets who will speak… Read more »

Featured Icons – Dorothy Day

When Pope Francis addressed the U.S. Congress on September 28, 2015, Dorothy Day was one of four great Americans he recommended to the lawmakers. Dorothy identified with those marginalized by American capitalism. With St. Paul, she considered herself a fool for Christ’s sake. She attacked poverty by preaching voluntary poverty. She opposed any use of… Read more »


An icon of Martin Luther King as a saint might seem odd to some people. Saints are supposed to perform miracles: they heal those who are incurably sick or save others from hopeless situations. Saints have risen above the messy turmoil that marks the lives of most human beings, especially when it comes to sex…. Read more »